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Meet Gareth Warner (accounts manager). Gareth has been at CooperBurnett for 20 years, having joined the firm in February 1998.

Gareth Warner has been at CooperBurnett for 20 years, having joined the firm in February 1998. When he came onboard it was as a general office clerk, working across general office duties and accounts. Today he is accounts manager and manages a team which includes two cashiers. 

 “Before I joined, I was working in retail and, with two young children then, it didn’t really suit family life,” says Gareth. “So, I was looking for something which offered the stability of more social hours.”

Over time, he found himself enjoying the accounts side of his work and, after a while, moved over to be a full-time cashier with the firm. It was a role which saw Gareth undertaking data entry, looking after clients’ money and making sure the firm was complying with all the various rules and regulations.

While his main responsibility is accounts, Gareth has also become the team’s go-to person for IT issues. 

“So much has changed over the last 20 years,” says Gareth. “Back then there was lots more manual work and reams and reams of paper just to create a basic report. With today’s technology, these same reports can be produced a lot quicker, without the need to print and waste paper.”

Gareth says that what he enjoys the most about his role today is finalising the end of year accounts, which he says gives him a huge sense of achievement. 

“I also really enjoy the working environment here,” he adds. “The people you work with make a real difference to whether you enjoy a job and I really like the day to day interaction here around the office. Although it sounds like a bit of cliché, it does feel like a family. I’m proud to be part of CooperBurnett – the professional service our clients receive is exceptional; our partners and fee earners here are the very best in their field.”

In addition to his usual tasks, Gareth is currently working alongside practice manager, Laura Mathias-Clay, to introduce a new case management system to CooperBurnett, which should be up and running this October. 

“We are confident that this new system will bring time efficiencies across the whole firm,” says Gareth. “The reporting function promises to be good and we will be able to analyse and drill down information much more easily. It boasts lots of templates and the lawyers will be able to see a huge amount of information on their dashboard screens.”

Gareth is also currently studying for ILFM (The Institute of Legal Finance and Management) qualifications. 

“Over the past 20 years, Gareth has become an integral part of our team,” says Victoria Sampson, Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Services at CooperBurnett. “In addition to accounts, he is incredibly supportive with IT issues and, indeed, lots of other areas in our business, drawing on his expertise and huge knowledge of our firm.”

She continues: “Over the past few years he has refined and streamlined our processes when it comes to accounts and made everything much more effective. The role he plays affects every part of our business and his input is invaluable. Gareth is particularly expert in compliance issues, which are increasingly important and he is always available to give useful insight and advice.”

“The commitment he’s shown to CooperBurnett over the years has been second to none. Gareth has worked his way up here through sheer hard work, combined with loyalty and reliability.”

When he’s not at work, Gareth, who lives in Tonbridge, enjoys spending time with his family and also visiting the gym – sometimes up to three times a day! 

Gareth is also a member of CooperBurnett’s charity committee, helping to organise fundraising events for the firm’s charity of choice, which is currently Taylor Made Dreams. He recently took part in a 10km run to raise funds and has previously been part of the team which tackled the Three Peaks Challenge. 

“I like the fact that by simply giving up a few hours of time we can make a difference,” says Gareth. “I enjoy the challenge of these events and we’re busy planning the ‘next big thing’ at the moment. It’s also good to mix with colleagues outside the work environment.”

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June 11, 2018
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