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Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) has enlisted CooperBurnett to promote the importance of having a Will.

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) has enlisted CooperBurnett to promote the importance of having a Will as part of the charity’s celebration of supporting former military personnel and the disabled for 100 years.

Thanks to the RBLI Let’s Make A Will campaign, CooperBurnett, along with four other law firms, has agreed to offer 10 free Wills to individuals or couples across Kent as part of the initiative linked to the charity’s Centenary Village appeal to develop new apartments, homes and community facilities at Aylesford, near Maidstone. 

“We are delighted to be supporting the RBLI Let’s Make a Will campaign,” says Katie Gillam, Partner and Head of the Private Client team at CooperBurnett. “If we can encourage people to make a Will, while also supporting this amazing charity, then everyone benefits.”

RBLI’s Chief Executive Steve Sherry, CMG, OBE, says: “In this, our 100th year, we are looking at how best to leave a legacy for the future generations of veterans and disabled people we support. With more than half of all UK residents not having a will, people also need to think about how best they can leave their own legacy for their families and good causes, which is why we’ve set up the RBLI Let’s Make a Will campaign.”

“Every penny donated to RBLI through legacies will go directly to providing crucial care to support severely disabled veterans, as well as those facing homelessness. We are really pleased to have been joined by such great legal partners and delighted by their generosity.”

 If the legacies are considered complex due to family structure, size of estate or require tax planning, it has been agreed that solicitors will need to charge for services beyond producing a simple Will.

Sue Lidbetter, Legacy Fundraiser at RBLI, says: “Having an up-to-date Will prepared by a solicitor ensures your wishes are respected and can avoid difficult decisions and legal complications for your family. Taking part in our Let’s Make A Will campaign allows you to plan for your family and friends’ futures and, at the same time, leave a gift to the charities that you care about.”

The RBLI Let’s Make A Will campaign brings together CooperBurnett and four other Kent law firms, including Brachers, Buss Murton, Girlings, and Gullands.

Members of the public interested in being one of the 50 recipients of a free will through the Let’s Make A Will campaign should visit or email: and they will be matched with their nearest law firm or firm of their choice if one of the 10 free wills is still available. 

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May 20, 2019
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