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Tikit rolled out | CooperBurnett introduces a new case management system

CooperBurnett has rolled out a new case management system across the firm in a project led by Practice Manager Laura Mathias-Clay and Head of Accounts Gareth Warner.


Having looked at a number of options, the decision was made to implement Tikit P4W, which is already being used by more than 600 law firms across the UK to improve processes and boost efficiency. 


The P4W Case Manager provides an archive for all case filing, including letters, documents, forms and emails. All workflow steps and documents are automatically saved against the client and matter and all diary entries are accessible through both P4W and Outlook. Using Case Manager, lawyers can also set milestones, mandatory steps and automatic actions to manage risk and compliance. 


“We are confident that this new system will bring time efficiencies across the whole firm,” says Gareth. “The reporting function promises to be good and we will be able to analyse and drill down information much more easily. It boasts lots of templates and the lawyers will be able to see a huge amount of information on their dashboard screens.”


Adds Laura: “There has been a lot of work involved to hit the launch date but we are confident that Tikit P4W will offer much more transparency in the information we can share across the firm. We will all be able to work more efficiently in terms of work flow and processes. In the end, while not paperless, we will be paper light.”


Victoria Sampson, Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Services, acknowledges that bringing in this new case management system should provide an even more efficient service for clients.


“We are excited by what this will mean for not only our team but our clients as well,” she says. “Any members of our team will easily be able to access work in progress and see at what stage we are – without searching for paper files. This will make our lines of communication much more streamlined.”


She adds: “The introduction of any new system in a firm brings a huge amount of work for those involved. Both Laura and Gareth have worked tirelessly over the past few months to make sure we are ready for the launch.”

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October 11, 2018
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