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A solid foundation in construction

According to a report in Reuters, weak growth across Britain's construction sector picked up modestly in May, despite an increasingly severe downturn in house-building activity prompted by rising interest rates.

Overall, construction added to recent signs of resilience in the economy, even if many forecasters expect Britain to suffer higher inflation and weaker growth for longer than its peers.

At CooperBurnett we have a Construction team which covers the commercial side of the industry, as well as homeowner construction projects. Headed up by experienced Construction Partner, David Brown, in terms of commercial work, our team provides dispute resolution and contract law advice for building contractors, developers, sub-contractors, architects, surveyors and other construction professionals. Its specialist services include project support and dispute resolution to include adjudication and adjudication enforcement, pre-action protocol and court action, and mediation.

There is pressure on the employer and contractor and sub-contractors in terms of higher cost of materials and labour, and a risk of increased insolvencies in the industry. We can advise as to how best tackle these issues.

When it comes to home improvements, embarking on a building project, such as an extension, is a significant step to take and our team can guide you through the contractual process. Often misunderstandings arise because of a lack of understanding by each party of their obligations to each other and a lack of contractual certainty. We offer advice surrounding issues such as factors to consider when choosing a contractor and professional; and how to steer a path away from potential disputes.

David is a member of The Technology and Construction Solicitors Association and the Society of Construction Law. With more than 30 years’ experience, his work typically involves providing dispute resolution and contract law advice -to include JCT and collateral warranties. He is an Accredited Mediator and has been a Professional Conduct Panel Member of RIBA for 12 years.

If you’d like to talk more about construction, call David on tel: 01892 515022 or 07974078634 or send him an email:

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June 9, 2023
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