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Family friendly rights in the workplace

By Natasha Smith, Senior Associate

Some important changes came into effect in employment law from 6 April 2024, which primarily focus on the extension of family friendly rights in the workplace.

Flexible working requests

  • A ‘day 1’ right, removing the need to have a minimum of 26 weeks’ employment.
  • Staff can make two requests in any 12-month period, as opposed to one.
  • Employers must deal with requests within two months, not three months.
  • Staff no longer have to explain what effect their request has on the organisation.

The eight business reasons an organisation previously had available to reject a flexible working request have not changed, and employers should remember that an employee’s right to request flexible working is not the same as having a right to have the request agreed. However, they should prepare for a potential increase in requests and ensure policies and processes comply.

Carers Leave

  • Employees can take one weeks’ unpaid leave every 12 months to give or arrange care for a dependent.
  • A dependent is somebody who has a physical or mental illness/injury that they are expected to require care for more than three months, someone who has a disability or someone who has care needs due to old age. They do not need to be a family member.
  • Leave does not have to be taken as a whole week – it can be taken in single or half days throughout the year.

The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act 2023

  • Introduces the ‘protected period’ during pregnancy. It applies during pregnancy, maternity leave and for six months after maternity leave ends.
  • In the event of redundancies during the protected period, priority to those in the protected period be offered a suitable alternative role (if there is one) must be given.

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May 21, 2024
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